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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Whiny Wednesday: Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light

I knew come fall season, we would be traveling a bit. Now that baby L is almost eight months old, and the weather is delightful...annnnd it's football season, it's time to travel to the northwest corner of our state to see our in-laws (and, of course, the Razorbacks play). 

With little C, we traveled with a very large and heavy pack 'n' play that has since been consigned because we knew we'd never wanna use it again. It was the hardest, most terrible thing and to think he would ever sleep it, looking back, was sorta unrealistic. And I'm sorry I put him through it! 

So when we received a sample of the Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light, I admit I was skeptical. Another uncomfy play pen? But no way, mamas. This travel crib will be your heaven. You. Will. Adore. Mark my word...we tried it out just this past weekend! I was so pleased I had to tell you immediately. baby L took two different naps in it, both over an hour (and she usually only naps 30 minutes! Maybe we'll nap in this at home?! Ha.). She slept most of the night in it as well. 

The set-up and teardown is so, so easy and the folding legs make it easy to fold up and put in your trunk (it comes with a bag with a handle, too.). It's so easy I set it up in two seconds all by myself one night. The mattress plops right in, and has a super-soft organic sheet (sold separately). And that's the key: the mattress is actually comfy. Waaaaay better than the hard pack 'n' play we had with little C. 

And because the sides are mesh, you don't have to worry about baby rolling into it. The height is great because it's so short that you can easily put baby down, and even stand there and pat a bit. The crib is a great travel crib because it's so portable and lightweight. It's not heavy at all!

At around $250, it's not cheap, but well worth the investment. You'll use it as a travel crib, but also a play pen. Until they're three! Such a smart buy. (And you can buy it on Amazon, where you'll notice hundreds of excellent reviews from moms like me. That, to me, is a testament to how good this crib really is.) 

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