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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Whiny Wednesday: Baby L's Newest Accessory

Who's a sucker for a super-cute baby rattle?! THIS girl. Tiny things are just cute in general, but a teeny baby rattle that looks like a purse? Omg, I'm swooning. 

This is one of the many adorable baby pieces at kids store Estella, a store in NY, opened by the chicest husband and wife team. They know just the right pieces to make a kid feel special...there's so much uniqueness and quality, I love it!

Most of the brands are high-end European designers and besides me wanting every, single thing, the rattles alone are enough to make me go (goo goo) gaga. My gosh. There's a Milk and Cookies set and even a transportation set with a train, car and bus. And get this. A Metrocard rattle for all you NYC babies...eek!! 

But I do believe this dainty lavender purse rattle is mine and baby L's fav accessory. At just $18, it makes the perfect baby shower gift. All of the hand-knit rattles are crafted in Peru by hand from local artists, which makes these all the more unique. Definitely one of baby L's fav accessories. ;) 

P.S. Enter a photo of your little one to win something from Estella this month!

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