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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Eva Mendes for New York and Company is So Hot for Holiday

Hold up. We're gearing up for the holidays soon (at least this ultra planner of a Virgo is) and I might wanna live in this black sequin jumpsuit. K? Yes, even if I only have one party this season, I shall wear it to the PTA meeting (ok, kidding). 

But I really do heart it to pieces, and can you guess who makes it? Eva Mendes! It's her holiday collection for New York and Company...wow, right? The collection is pretty large, and while obviously the entire thing isn't my style, there is something for every fashion lover, and these here are my favs. Sequins are, in fact, my fav fashion moment of the holidays. Always. 
This gold dress is a def winner in the look-at-me category. It says I look like a million bucks, but only spent a few. And there's certainly no shame in looking major and not spending it all in one place. After all, you have to save room for the accessories, ahem. You'll wanna scoop up a few gold bracelets from this collection because they're to die for. Add them and you'll look instantly glam. (And you'll have extra money to spend on shoes! Wink.) 

P.S. Look at that. I wrote that whole post without a Ryan Gosling mention. Did I mention I met him as a teen when he was on The Mickey Mouse Club? (Ok, sorry. Had to.) Happy weekend, chicks! Xoxo 

[Photos Courtesty Paul Wilmot]

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