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Monday, October 13, 2014

I Woke Up Like This

This is so random, but this week I discovered something groundbreaking. And when the beauty gods send something earth-shattering that makes you giggle into ridiculous I-can't-believe-this-is-working-so-well fits, well then, girlfriends, we must share. 

Neal's Yard is heaven sent from above when it comes to organic beauty (because what other kind is there, right? Treat your skin like the rest of your body, please and thank you.). I own a good chunk of the product line-up, and when I toss samples to friends here and there, I must admit my Neal's Yard stays tucked away in my beauty cabinet (it only appears here for photos...shhhh). The stuff is good. 

So I just happened upon a tip the brand retweeted on Twitter this week from InStyle about the White Tea Facial Mist and I thought ohhhh yeah, I think I own that! Since I've been pregnant and nursing, I've been watching what skincare I use (I mean, hardly using anything), but I'm finally getting a little bit back into the game. So, of course, NY is one I feel safe applying. The tip?

Wake up with puffy, puffy bags under your eyes. Close them. Spray this magic mist all over them (dab here and there the excess, if needed). Voila! Your eyes are majorly perked up and transformed to human status. (That's all we're asking here, right?) We totally woke up like this, right?! 

I can't believe I've lived without using the White Tea Facial Mist for so long. It's a complete must for me now, and it takes two seconds. This is the number one beauty problem I have (at the moment...they evolve, folks), so I highly rec it for those of you who get very little sleep...or if you're like me and barely take a 15-minute nap and wake up with swollen undereyes. I can no longer panic and begin frantically massaging (as I've done). I've totally got this in the bag (err, bottle?) now. Shhh...the secret is ours.

Gonna need that facial mask now...

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