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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Trimdown Thursday: Feeling Good, Almost There

Ok, yay! I finally lost the New York Fashion Week fluff from several weeks ago, whew. Like I've said, I hadn't had much exercise up until the last couple of weeks and I really made a point this week and last to get out in the morning with the stroller and do my best. It felt great! The baby gets a nap, I get my cardio...we all win! Except she always falls asleep on the last lap and I end up getting a little more than I bargained for...le sigh. 

Pilates? Eh. I'm so sad I won't be able to makes classes right now because of little C's preschool schedule, but I know in time once baby L gets bigger and little C. starts kindergarten (tears) I'll be able to again. I'm just enjoying her being a baby right now and little C. still being a tad little and trying not worry too much about that. I think I will try to bring baby L for a private lesson though and see how she does watching me for 30 minutes...ya know, after she's napped and been fed, of course. She's generally a pretty easy-going baby, so I think she will do fine (my hair appointment next week will be the first test...gritting teeth...). I was able to make it to Pure Barre this weekend, and I still have another class I've already bought, so I'm going to try to go again within the next week. PB is my new weekend workout because I can have D. help watch the kiddos for an hour. 

Weight Watchers? Well, I'm pretty much just waiting on this last 1-2 pounds to get off my body, so that I can finally track my pre-baby weight GOAL. C'mon, scale. I've sorta stopped eating the frozen meals, and I will say while I got tired of them, gosh were they easy to pop in the microwave. I've been struggling a bit lately for easy, healthy meals. So, I hope to track my final weight pretty darn soon, in a nutshell. 

It's been close to 90 degrees here this week, so I've really been into wearing either workout shorts and tennis shoes for my jogs, or dresses. I received this new one from Michael Stars and I just love the soft, brown (mushroom?) hue for fall (also comes in black!), not to mention this sheath style is flattering to anyone (and the elbow sleeves are, too.). I'm also also excited to drag these ponyhair booties from Stuart Weitzman out of the closet this fall. I received them when I was newly pregnant, so didn't wear them much last year. I'm squealing over them this fall because the chunky heel is perfect for carrying baby. 

The pink flower necklace was another Zara find on my NY trip (I told you I bought out the store! they have so many big, chunky statement necklaces right now...), and the Kelly Green (embossed python!) clutch was given to me by the GiGi New York team while visiting fashion week...they even monogrammed my initials! If you're looking for a simple clutch for all of your fall outfits, this one is great because it comes in so many colors, has a chic tassel and you can monogram your name, of course. Can't beat that chicness. 

Signing off...JLW

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