Trimdown Thursday: Rainbow Bright ~ I Heart Heels

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Trimdown Thursday: Rainbow Bright

The weather here has been crazy...the usual southern Arkansas crazy, I guess. I'm terrified of storms and I just found out that October has more tornadoes than the springtime, so maybe fall isn't my fav after all. Shrug. But once the storms cleared Monday, we've had the most beautiful weather, so I can't complain. Who doesn't love being able to wear boots and flowy shirts all at once? This outfit is, in fact, my version of transitioning to cold weather...it's an in-between outfit. Because while I do love the 70-degree weather, it's usually 50s in the morning, which makes the day SO hard to dress for...am I right?

Lately I've been living in leather leggings and can I tell you a secret? These are maternity. Shhhh...Ironically enough they were too small for me during pregnancy (blush), so I hung onto them because the only thing that makes them maternity is that they're elastic...seriously. So because it's totally pumpkin patch season and I've been outside running around with the kids a ton, I slipped on cowboy boots instead of heels (major blush). I told you I'm having a flats moment, and that's ok. Baby L is just now eight months old, and I'm still adjusting to life with two. At the moment, there's no way I can run in heels, too. We'll save those right now for special occasions. Wink. 

You know what I can live in though? Everything from Show Me Your MuMu (cutest name, huh?). This brand has soooo many light and airy boho tops, dresses and skirts, you'll end up browsing the site for hours (guilty). I was sent this Moon Tunic ($136) in the Muami Sunset print, and it's one of my fav ways to brighten up my wardrobe and put a lil' pep in my step because shouldn't our wardrobe be more FUN? I know mine could stand to be! Honestly, I tried wearing it with cutoffs like the models in the photos, but just felt silly (err, and my legs a littttttle more Pure Barre. and a tan). So, I've found leather leggings are my fav way to style it if I'm not wearing flare jeans. But I'm not kidding you when I say there are zillions of tunics (and kimonos! and dresses!), I would just die to wear on the Show Me Your MuMu site. 

And can you believe this necklace is Avon? Yes! They sent me this Modern Multi-Chain necklace from their fall collection, and I can't get over how on trend it is! I love to wear it with a simple tee to dress things up. And, of course, my Rebecca Minkoff Knocked Up diaper bag will forever be on my arm...filled to the brim. I can't tell you what a lifesaver.

There's no real Trimdown Thursday update this week because I've been fluctuating a couple pounds here and there. One day the scale declared my GOAL weight, but I'm not counting it because it hasn't stayed consistent yet. I'm just watching what I eat and continuing to get in some exercise so that that scale will stay on the post-baby number and I can finally declare it via this blog and on my Weight Watchers weight tracker. So, so close!! And whew. Can I say this body's glad this was the last baby?! =)

P.S. Did I tell you I took baby L. to get this hair shown here blown out last week? She's an angel baby! But the salon trip? Major fail. Not sure what had her bugging that day but she was not herself, without a single smile and major tears. Sigh. Someday she'll love the beauty salon. Some day. But next time I might just have to do my cut solo...

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