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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Whiny Wednesday: She's Scooting!

Would ya look at those baby legs?! No, really. She's wearing a product called Baby Legs. :) In the I Heart Heels household of beautiful, yet very hard hardwood floors, our babies have been raised on these amazingly cute and handy legwarmers. Besides being cute, they're a must!

So when Baby Legs offered to send baby L frilly and pink designs (I think little C's had soccer balls?), we were squealing. Anything to encourage her to crawl! Although I'm not totally ready for the mobility, I sort of am ready not to hold her or carry her in the baby carrier every second of the day. Blush. She can sit for awhile playing on a soft blanket for awhile, but I always have to put pillows around her or she'll thump backwards. And that just cannot happen! So...

She's started to scoot around on the floor with the help of her Baby Legs. Problem? She scoots backwards! Gotta love it. It's been too long, but I think this is how little C got his start. He didn't crawl much at all. At 10 months, he was walking! I don't see baby L walking in just two more months, but she might surprise us!

At least when she does she'll be cute doing it, right? The top two styles here are the BabyScoot that have extra cushioning on the knee juuuuust for scooting a la baby L. They're only $12 and one size. But I also love the striped ones shown on bottom because they're organic! BabyLegs has come a long way in their options...so many patterns and styles, you'll def need a pair for your lil' crawler (err, scooter?). Next on my list? The Piccolini Pink style because we ❤️ NY. 

Bye for now...gotta go catch baby...

P.S. That last photo is just her touching my pink shoes. They're her fav. ;)

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