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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Whiny Wednesday: Snuggle Time in Skylar Luna

Oh, little C. I really do adore him. We've had some major adjustments with preschool and some really long afternoons (and evenings) at home lately, but last night we changed up our routine a bit and it's the first time since baby L that I've had bedtime snuggles in a realllllly long time. Since I usually put baby L to bed (and I'm still nursing), it's hard to get in evening time with little C. And this time was exactly what we needed...both of us. 

He's been a huge fan of Sklyar Luna PJs from the beginning, and was ecstatic when he was recently sent a set of the green Forest Stars for the cold months. Adorable. So many squeals! 

There are lots of organic cotton PJs out there these days, and they all have pros and cons. These? They last multiple seasons as long as your child doesn't grow too big, that is! We've never, ever had a tear or rip in these and the fabric is the softest and highest quality. (I can say we've had other brands do this, so this is a major plus for SL). 

I also love this brand for the really cute patterns. I let little C choose this one. :) It's all about feel when it comes to sleep and, heck, even daytime for him. If he could, he would stay in these PJs all day. I can't tell you how many times I've said, "we can't wear our pajamas to the park." Bless his heart. 

So in this photo? little C got to crawl in our bed and watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse just before falling asleep in our bed...and, yep, that's C with the remote (they start so early). This was just before all the warm, fuzzy snuggles. I rate these PJs a def 10 on the snuggle scale, mamas. Love them and love him. So glad to spend some extra time with him...in his fav clothing of all. ;) 

P.S. They retail for $39 and run small. little C wears a whole size larger!

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