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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Whiny Wednesday: Who Needs Sleep?

Guess how I'm writing this post? Yep, pushing a stroller with baby L after I dropped off little C at school. Oh, you didn't guess that? Lately the only time to blog (well it's been that way since babies, I guess) is just before bed. Now that I have baby #2 and very little help during the day (no complaints, just stating), I'm so wiped out by 8 p.m. that blogging can be a real struggle. I've slowly gotten back into the exercise game, but my mind is always on preschool adjustments or stuffy baby noses or how my mom is doing or how to fit in time with D. I'm mentally worn out as well. 

So take last night, for instance, little C got to bed late (he's always got terrible seasonal allergies) and then baby L woke as soon as he was down. And then after nursing her, I put her in the crib and she woke up after another three hours. I fed her a bottle but she just couldn't breathe well to get comfy because she's conjested, too. Ugh. So next to me for the remainder of the night she went. No judging, please. If my babies are sick, this is usually what happens. I like being able to monitor them. Of course that meant no sleep for me for the next five hours, but other than a 4:30 cry spell, she was out. So D ended up with little C to keep him out of our bed. He usually busts in at some point every night. 

I mention all of this because last week, ONE night, baby L slept 10 hours in her crib. 10!! To bed at 6 and up at 4, then back in the crib another two hours. Pure bliss. Guess what? little C also slept in his bed for nine hours...9!! I mean, how does that happen? It hasn't been done since, but I'm really hoping it's the beginning of a new routine after we get past these fall allergies. It made me reinvigorated. And hopeful. 

I visited with a couple friends with babies around 7 months and 3 months. What?! Every three hours isn't typical for you? Why, why, why for me? little C never would even sleep in his crib so I consider baby L's sleep a major feat. But I'd still like a baby (and preschooler) who sleep through the night. Amen, mamas? 

I tell myself they won't be little this long and need their mama so much, so this is extra time spent with them. It just means more coffee for me! :)

Tell me. When did yours start sleeping through the night? Any tips? 

P.S. We use a Naturepedic organic mattress and she loves. I think it makes a huge difference in how she likes her crib compared to little C. Also, I feel way more at ease putting her in there. After all, it's the only organic mattress in the house! I know. We've seriously gotta make a move and at least upgrade one more. Soon...

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  1. My little girl is gonna be 9mo tomorrow and is still not sleeping through the night. I just gave up on sleep training and figured it'll happen when it happens...


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