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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Channeling My Inner Hollywood Vixen

It's the last week of my Amika hair wand series. I've shown you three different curl looks the past three weeks, using my handy dandy wand. This week I used the Hollywood Vixen 1" barrel for some pretty natural looking waves. This is the barrel that actually comes with the Switch Kit and if you want the other three (which I highly rec, they're $30 each). 

Again, I washed and dried my hair before I turned on the Amika and it was ready in seconds. (Obviously keep this away from kiddos because it gets hot quick!) I've been under the weather this weekend and actually just arrived back home from a quick weekend trip, so honestly I could've been more patient here in the drying my hair part. Blush. When I went to curl it some of the strands were still damp and that can make a world of difference in curls, girls. 

But alas, I'm still happy with this look I got and will use it again (see below for "next day" hair!). After trying out all four barrels, I have to say the 1.5" Supermodel Allure and 1" Beach Bombshell were my favs. If you've been wanting to try a hair wand, I def rec this one! There's a barrel for every hair type and mood. It's so good, beauty gals!

Hope you all have a good week and lotsa air kisses...xoxo 

P.S. I'll be choosing the shoe giveaway winner today!

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