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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

How to Get Beachy Waves with a Curling Wand

So this is installment three of my Amika curling wand series. Each week I've shown you a different hairstyle using the different size barrels that come in the wand's switch kit. This week it's all about beach waves. (I know, as we head into winter. Who cares though? I love them all year long!) 

Ironically this is pretty much what my hair looks like (ok, exactly) after I shower, shampoo and air dry. What can I say, I got the good hair gene. The good news here is that if your hair doesn't have my natural wave and it happens to look wonky after a good night's rest...never fear. Shower, shampoo, blow dry and in just 10 minutes or so, you can use the Amika 1" barrel to create the Beach Bombshell look we all covet. 

Here it is even the next day!

I was pretty darn impressed with how well this one worked, considering I had blown out my hair stick straight beforehand. (There would've been more photos the "evening of" if I had makeup on, but this was after a strenuous day of taking care of two sick kiddos, so it was glorious to mess with my hair for awhile.) 

The Switch Kit starter set is $100 at Sephora and this barrel will fit right with it for an additional $30. So worth it, girls. This hair wand thing is fun!

Stay tuned next week for the final look!

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