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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Julianne Hough Wears...Sears?

Wow! Bet you'd never guess where Julianne Hough got this outfit? It's not designer at all. It's Metaphor from Sears

I love every bit of it from the pop of color on the pants and the crisp white shirt to the chic leather jacket and accessories...those heels though...

What's just as important is she looks like she enjoys wearing the outfit. Lately I've really been focusing on how I feel wearing something before I go out. Because I know in the past I've forced myself into trends or silhouettes or styles that just didn't feel right on me and it felt...forced. And I'm sure it looked forced. I love how my own style has emerged the older I get. I not only feel more comfortable in my own skin, but also my outfits.

Hey, Julianne, thanks for showing us you can look cute and not spend a fortune. And have fun in it, too. You go, girl! Xoxoxo 
[Photos Courtesy Sears]

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