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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Whiny Wednesday: Finger Foods

This baby girl knows what she wants. In fact, instead of hands, little C calls them "grabbers." It's hilarious. Well, until she's grabbing my hair, that is. 

I can already tell that once she starts her first steps (because she seems to want to skip crawling), she's going to be getting into everything. Her hands really do reach for everything. So since she is this way, I thought we might as well embrace the moment and have her start finger foods, and heck, why not practice the utensil thing, too?

If there's one mistake I made with little C, it was spoon-feeding him waaaay too long (I always feared he'd choke!), so this time I'm starting finger foods boldly and without looking back. baby L is eating little puffs that melt in her mouth (we like HappyBaby brand), and that way she can practice her pincer grasp. It's so funny to watch when she loses one in her lap or on her bib and she can't find it anywhere. So far, she loves this and it keeps her occupied at the table! 

We love, lovvvve our dinnerware from Boon. little C always used his blue, and now she has the purple and green set (thank you, Boon!). We own everything from this brand from her bathtub right down to her spoons...ha. 

This is the Groovy + Modware ($15.99) and it's so completely cool. The combined plate and bowl comes with two tiny dipping bowls that attach to the edge...they just interlock. It's so neat! And the whole base itself is slip-resistant...a major plus with this gal!

Of course everything from Boon is free of BPA, Phthalates and PVC. The only con is you can't microwave them. I just warm everything in glass, then transfer. (Or I use cool things on them like bananas and such.)

I can't wait to fill baby L's plates with all kinds of goodies! And hopefully she'll transition soon from her grabbers to her utensils. :)

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