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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Whiny Wednesday: Little Miss Bronte

If there's one thing I want baby L to show interest in, it's books. After all, reading is just so fundamental. Sure, she'll develop a bad habit for reading silly fashion magazines and tabloids like her mother some day (kinda hope she doesn't?), but I really want to instill in her the classics. Baby Lit makes reading at baby's age more fun. It is the cutest way possible that I've seen classic literature made fun for toddlers...hey, even babies. 

Of course right now baby L has no idea what I'm reading to her, and honestly would rather taste her literature, but even showing her the pictures and the different colors is great for her learning and pretty soon she'll be asking for more and more. That's what excites me! Getting kiddos excited about reading. I'm convinced because my family read to little C so much as a baby, that's why he's such an amazing reader to this day (that and genes...wink.). He's reading above anyone else in his preschool class and his teacher is sending home books just for his level. Love it! I'm amazed every day by what he can read. 

We started reading Jane Eyre with baby L because it uses numbers (1 Governess, etc), and well, it's my all-time fav. Blush. What an adorable way to present counting! Now lately baby L has been reading Alice in Wonderland and Romeo & Juliet, which also present cute photos (think rabbits and kisses...swoon) with counting. It will be a little while before we crack open Goodnight Mr Darcy but I'm thrilled and can't wait. Jane Austen and her Mr Darcy character make this arts major swoon. (Check out the I Heart Darcy tote bag in the Baby Lit shop!) The adaption here for kids is just genius! 

Little Miss Bronte Giveaway Time!
In partnership with Baby Lit, I'm giving away books for your babe...squeal! The giveaway includes the Little Miss Bronte pack of the Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights books and Jane Eyre buttons (obvi for older toddlers). To enter, just comment below with your fav classic book! I'll choose a winner at random next week just before Thanksgiving...good luck!! 


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  2. My niece who is a 1st grade teacher has vowed to read 1,000 books to her 3 month old by kindergarten. My favorite is the classic Charlottes Web in honor of baby Charlotte.

  3. I love these! My favorite is nearly any Jane Austen so "goodnight Mr Darcy would bbe awesome!!" I loveJane Eyre too!

  4. How amazing! My Grandaughter would LOVE these, TY4 the chance! try to send @ least 1bok every month so these would be FABulou!!!!

  5. I always loved "The Little Princess"!


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