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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Whiny Wednesday: Oh, Baby!

Can I let you in on a secret? Baby L's new fav baby food pouches. Shhh...they're from Oh Baby Foods and delish (what? I always taste them...blush.). What's even cooler? They were developed by Fran Free, who just so happens to be from Fayetteville, Arkansas, where I graduated college. Love. That. 

Any time I can support fellow mamas and especially local businesses, I'm all about it. Except Fran's business is hardly local these days! You'll find her amazing pouches locally at Whole Foods (and lots of other stores listed below*) as well as online at Abes Market and Diapers.com. Such an amazing story behind this business and how it's grown, but what's more...the flavors are incredible. I'm so impressed that everything in the pouches is grown in the USA. It's also non-GMO and organic. This is a brand I totally trust with my baby!

So what flavors to buy? Oh Baby sent us the whole line-up to try, and I must tell you the results. Baby L liked every, single one of them (even the ones I was unsure she'd like, she loved!). Her favs were probably Wise Punkin, LavenBerry and Pearfecto, but she really did like every bit of them. I love how many of them mix fruits and veggies, so she's getting her share of both. 

I honestly wish I could make my baby food this yummy, but alas. I've perfected the art much better these days, but I think I'll leave the realllllly good cooking to Oh Baby. I mean, I make special trips to Whole Foods just for these pouches. They're a must, mamas!

P.S. When I told a few friends about Oh Baby I was pleasantly surprised they had already been on the bandwagon (even friends across the country). I couldn't believe I was so out of the loop! Bashful face. I guess the secret's already out...

*Ozark Natural Foods, Natures Wonders, Heirloom Foods & Gifts, Pinnacle White Oak Station, Terra Tots and Vitamins Plus. 

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