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Monday, December 1, 2014

20 Questions...with Me!

When I began to write today's post, I thought about who I could interview. And I realized I've featured so many QAs, but never one on ME. So today, no fashion review or celebrity interview. Today it's all about moi! Without giving away too many of my secrets. Wink. 

Home state?
Arkansas, born and raised. Go hogs!

Where else you'll find me (if I'm not at home in PJs with kids, that is)?
Four places. Church...the shoe department...NY fashion week...the beach. Yep, that sums me up. I'm not complicated. 

What did I study? 
Writing, duh. My degree is in print journalism, so one day when I go back to work after raising these kiddos, I'll be interested in working for your magazine or PR agency...k? Oh, and minor is in marketing. 

What did I do pre I Heart Heels?
I worked for a phone company writing those tiny messages you see on bills. Was thankful for my job, but err, a little bored. Blush. 

And how did I meet my husband? 
The last day of college, actually. Our first date was the week after graduation. The next month I had an interview at Simon & Schuster in NY and an apartment about to be rented. Said interview got canceled last minute and my soon-to-be husband took (a screaming chaotic) me to the city anyway. Love at first ferry ride, we say. 

College jobs? 
The Gap, local newspaper and Seventeen magazine. Not bad gigs.  

So how many heels do I really own?
Like I'd admit. But I will say it's more than 100. Someone redo my closet like now. 

Favorite pair?
I don't pick favorites. Wink. 

Shoe size?
6. That's for your shopping pleasure. 

A few of my fav things besides shoes and writing about shoes?
Music...Pilates...my family. Polka dots, shopping and celebrities. Yes, I'm really that deep. 

Where do I shop for baby's cute clothes? 
75% Zara and the rest a sweet mix of babygap, etsy and this awesome local consignment shop. P.S. I can't stay that close to Zara on my next city trip. I just can't. 

Fav makeup? 
Jill Kirsh and bareMinerals 

Best celebrity interviews?
Rachel Zoe (c'mon, it was entirely about shoes.). Melissa Joan Hart (because, Clarissa). Kristin Cavallari (again, shoes. And because she tweeted it out to her millions. Psst...they're not all this nice, y'all.). 

Things I can check off my bucket list?
Rented a convertible from Albuquerque through Santa Fe and to Taos and back in one day. Gorgeous fun. This year I also reported a cover story for Us Weekly

Fav fashion week moments?
Taking runway photos from the photo pit. I'm glad I pushed myself to do that because I have gorgeous photos to remember. It was crazy fun. Interviewing Nicole Miller. Sitting with Perez Hilton at the DKNY show. Eating cupcakes with the Kardashians at their Sears launch party. I mean, what can I say. For the experiences, folks. Can I write a book about these things?

Fav hotel ever?
Rosewood Mansion at Turtle Creek in Dallas 

Fav treat?
Peanut butter, banana and almond milk smoothie. 

What am I scared of?
Heights. I used to hold my mom's hand at our three-story mall and I'm still slightly frightened by the Dallas Galleria. 

Celebrity lookalike?
Kirsten Dunst. It's not my decision. I'm telling you, people will stop me in the streets.  

Life motto?
Never give up. 

Thanks for reading! Air kisses. Xoxo 

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