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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Whiny Wednesday: Baby Pibu

At the I Heart Heels house, we loooove bathtime! And I didn't think it would always be this way. baby L actually despised those sink baths we first gave her, and didn't even love the baby bath. Once we turned it into a "big girl bath" where she could sit and play instead of recline? Sold. She'll splash all day. In fact, lately she thinks it's cool of her to attempt to stand, so we're needing two adults at the moment. Silly baby. 

little C, on the other hand, was able to experience my glorious jetted bathtub as a special treat one time and now I'll never reclaim it back. Insert tears. Knew that would happen. Like I have time for a bubble bath, anyway?

Both kiddos interchange their bath products and have some real goodies on rotation. Lately we're loving Baby Pibu. (Pronounced pea-boo) 
There's an entire line-up of amazing products, developed by a dermatologist mom, and we're especially gaga over the Bathtinme Wash. It works really well and lathers nicely. It's irritant free, so baby L doesn't cry when we're washing her hair (and neither does little C, for that matter.). And while thank goodness neither of my kids have had eczema, these products are really great for that, recognized by the National Eczema Association. 
We were actually sent the Luxury Basics Gift Set ($34) and aside from loving the wash and baby butter, the soft bristle brush is one of my favs, too. It's the perfect little size for brushing baby's hair (and she kinda has a lot!) and it's so gentle. The handle has a cool textured grip on it that baby L loves to hold. 

Next up we're definitely going to try the sunscreen. After all, we're a fair-skinned family! And I totally trust this brand from both a mom and dermatologist. It's nice to have peace of mind when it comes to baby products. 

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