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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Whiny Wednesday: My Mini Shoe Lover

You probably already realize this, but we have a shoe obsession in our house. Ok, fine. I have said shoe obsession. So now instead of spending all of my time hunting for heels, I split it halfway with searching for the cutest, tiniest, sweetest little baby shoes. Even though she can't walk yet. Insert bashful face here. 

That's ok! She's a shoe lover in training. Since she doesn't walk, I bought her the pink crib shoes from the Splendid for Stride Rite collab while I was at the Splendid store in Soho during September fashion week. Couldn't. Resist. They are only $25! Except I think she has small feet like her mama (I wear a size 6) because these 6-12 months are still pretty big on her. Thank goodness for winter weather because they fit pretty well with her pink tights! Hey, a girl baby can never have too much pink. And to think I used to hate pink! (My room was green growing up.)

Perhaps my fav pair from the collection is the Mini Jettah ($35) sent to us. (It's mini because there's a big girl version.) and while there is a pink version in these, there's just something about those signature Splendid stripes in blue that make me squeal! The shoes have a flexible suede sole and a strap across the to keep them on. Err, that is unless baby L has anything to do with it. 

I'm confident in time we'll actually wear our shoes instead of play with them, but hey. Every shoe lover has to have practice, right? I'm certain she'll be a shoe-wearing pro in no time. (And eek, walking! Not. Ready.) 

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