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Thursday, January 15, 2015

How to Look Chic in Glasses

Omg. Omg. Omg. Me with glasses? Seriously. This is the kind of thing my mom loves to hate. She'll say why would you wear glasses when you don't need to? And I'll reply my standard, I do it for fashion. :)

I came across Firmoo and they wanted to send me a pair, so I immediately picked out the biggest, darkest-rimmed pair I could find. It's funny because about five years ago I was also into the fake glasses thing, but they actually had a very mild prescription and I almost ran into things (you think I'm kidding). So I was thankful to know I could order non-prescription on Firmoo and totally still get my chic on. Without breaking my neck. 

baby L looooves it when wear these glasses (I must admit I put them on her for kicks and giggles). I'll take them off and hand them to her, and she'll hand them back to me to put on. Cutest thing. Ever. 

I mostly love wearing these with edgier things right now like my staple moto jacket, but I think they'll look pretty sweet with some plaid from the closet, too. I'm just steering away from wearing them with a too-casual wardrobe because then I come off as literally looking like I rolled out of bed. It's alllll about balance. We tread carefully with fake glasses, folks. This is not for amateurs. 

However, if you really do wear glasses, Firmoo has a lovely selection and I'm sure you'll love it to pieces. Happy shopping! Xoxo

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