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Saturday, January 24, 2015

How to Wear Thigh-High Boots

Thigh-high boots are one of the sexiest trends of the past couple years, but we've also noticed that many women are a bit intimidated about owning a pair. It's one thing to fawn over them in catalogs, but another to slide a pair of these long, showy boots onto your own legs—and figure out what to wear them with. 

But thigh-high boots are a surprisingly accessible option as long as you know how to get a pair that's going to fit well and you understand some basics of how to work them into your wardrobe. Ready? Here's your complete guide to wearing thigh-high boots:

1. Get a good fit all the way down – Understanding how to choose the fit of thigh-high boots goes a long way towards getting a pair you're going to look and feel great in. Thigh-high boots actually stop just above the knee—often about two inches. That technically reaches your thigh, but doesn't ride high up; if a boot goes much higher than this, look for a shorter pair. And the fit is even more important. Most thigh-highs are pull-on, not zip-up, and designed to cling to the shape of the leg. That means you have very little wiggle room in there, but you should never go too tight. Make sure you feel like you can flex your knee, and that your calves aren't crushed, once you pull the boot on. 

2. Know whether this pair is meant to be smooth or wrinkled – These aren't technical terms, but thigh-high boots break into roughly two categories: those that follow the leg's curves more or less smoothly, as if they are perfectly fitted, and those that crumple or wrinkle a bit, as if they're a touch on the baggy side. Both can be sexy, but in different ways. The wrinkly kind will work equally well with skinny jeans or skirts, while the smooth kind is going to be mostly skirt- or dress-only.

3. Making skinny jeans work – Skinny jeans can absolutely be worn with thigh-high boots, but it's going to take the right jeans as well as the right boots. Remember, your jeans have to lie underneath your boots all the way down to the ankle without causing bulging. That means that the closer the fit of the jeans the better; it also means that your boots need to have enough room inside to accommodate the jeans (hence our preference for the baggy kind of boot for this). An alternative is to wear leggings and cut-off shorts with your thigh-highs – much easier to put together mechanically and a very appealing look.

4. Thigh-highs always work with skirts – Almost any length skirt will pair with thigh-highs, making them more versatile than some other boots. Obviously, longer skirts will partly cover your boots, but that can mean good coverage in winter. Even a mini works well—the boot reduces just how revealing the mini is by keeping much of the leg covered.

How do you feel about wearing thigh-high boots? What's your favorite style?

Disclaimer: I was compensated for this post because I love thigh-high boots. 

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