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Friday, January 30, 2015

The Best Bra for All Sizes

Happy Friday! Did this get your attention? That's so not me, haha. But, I did test out this bra by Soma and I l-o-v-e love it. Laugh at my job, if you will, but testing out bras is a hard job. I'm happy to do the dirty work for you! 

Bras are pesky little things. They can take forever to figure out your perfect match. Le sigh. And when you've been pregnant, nursing or all of the above and your size fluctuates? Enter nightmare. I'm happy to proclaim I'm no longer in between this and that and so thrilled to be back to one. size. (thank you and thank you) I think I own about 10 thousand bras now, however, from the process.

I've been testing out the bra that launched towards the end of last year from the Soma brand - and it's called the Enhancing Shape. It's such a big deal because it's the brand's first "age-defying t-shirt bra." It's known to eliminate gaps with top-shaping pad technology. And seriously...about the changing sizes? This one comes in 27 sizes (no joke, A-DDD), enhances every shape, is totally smooth under tees and offers a fit for every body. It's $48 for solids and $50 for prints. I have the nude because really you can't go wrong there...it's the very best under anything!

Personally? When I look for a bra I want coverage, support and comfort. This bra literally does it all. And since I practically live in lightweight tees taking care of the kids all the time, this bra is amazing under them. I can't make it up. (if I hated it, I wouldn't blog about it.)

And while I'm not a larger chested gal, I love how this bra is available in so many sizes and enhances your shape no matter your size. So if you're an A, great! If you're a DDD, this bra is worth trying for you as well. 

Get the Enhancing Shape Bra today because come spring you'll def being rocking those tees all the time!

Hey, have a great weekend foxy ladies! xoxo

[Photo Courtesy Soma]

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