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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Whiny Wednesday: Floral & Dots

Oh my goodness gracious! Look at this floral preciousness. I'm in such love! Isn't baby L getting so big? I can hardly believe she turns one next month. She's quickly reaching tons of milestones (she's babbling like crazy), and I have a little feeling she's going to be walking very soon because she's obsessed with standing and lately she's been letting go with her hands a bit. EEK!

So just within the last week I decided I'd start seeing if she can wear 12-month clothing...ya know, just to see. And now tears are streaming because 12 months fits her, and now I'll have to get rid of all of her baby clothes. She'll soon be a walking toddler...oh, it's all too much! Little Me makes some really cute outfits at such affordable prices, I'm going completely gaga over this outfit they sent us. I mean, it screams baby L all over it. She's such a floral and dot fan. 

The sweet little dots on the pants and undershirt are so, so adorable (just keep in mind that while the pants fit her true to size, the undershirt fit her slightly smaller, so you might want to size up one size if you want to get more wear out of it! But it could be she just has a good belly going. :) ) I love this set because she can wear it with or without a jacket, and I've lately found with the weather it's always nice to have a jacket handy, even if you might not need it. I also love that it all coordinates and you don't have to spend your time staring into the closet trying to figure out what looks cute together. Ya know? I have to do that enough for myself.

Get this (cute!) outfit at Lord & Taylor now on sale for just $40!

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