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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Whiny Wednesday: My Labeling Spree

Squeal! Whiny Wednesdays is finally back, and let me tell you what I've been doing. I've been on a labeling spree! 

You've read my rave reviews in the past on Mabel's Labels, yes? little C uses them for all of his preschool things and they're just so handy. I keep them in the car in case we have an emergency labeling need, in fact. The Virgo in me loves labels. Snort. 

So of course when Mabel's Labels offered to create some especially for baby L, I couldn't pass it up. They are just the cutest. I mean, she was born just before Valentine's Day, so these are so perfect for my little sweetheart. Swoon. (And don't worry, I have labels with her actual name. These were made especially to protect the innocent.) 

This is the Baby Combo Pack and it's so good! Like I said, I've been going crazy sticking her things with them and she's not even away from me for more than 10 seconds. Blush. (We gotta work on that. She has major separation anxiety because she spends all day with me!) 
For $26.95, you get 15 Sticky Labels (shown here), 16 Skinny-Minis (smaller version), 2 shoe labels (these are so handy...they stick right on the inside), 21 Tag-Mates and 2 bag tags (these are amazing for bags and backpacks when they go off to daycare or Mother's Day Out). 
You can get up to a max of 20 characters and you can stick the Tag-Mates right in the laundry and the others right in the dishwasher! So. Amazingly. Handy. Even if they get wet and dragged around for an entire school year, they always stay. Gotta love it. And, again, they're so darn cute

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