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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Whiny Wednesday: Pretty in Pink

Oh, sweet baby L. Pretty in pink. I still can't help but bathe her in a sea of pink. And that includes at night as well. (Insert bashful face.) At about five months, we stopped swaddling baby L and it was actually a pretty seamless transition because we immediately started using the sleep sack wearable blanket. Thank goodness, this time around, we have a baby who will sleep 10-11 hours straight in her crib most nights. (Now naps are a different story...)

She liked being swaddled, but she was also ready to stop when she was ready to stop. This girl knows what she wants. So now that it's the heart of winter, we're just melting over this zzZipMe Sack from SwaddleDesigns

This is the new Cozy Puff Circle design ($36) and the 100-percent polyester sack is the softest sack I've ever laid hands on. Think of your chicest faux fur jacket in your closet...this is it. Loves. It. 

It has a TOG 2.2, and that means it's a heavier sack that's great for 65-70 degrees. It also has a handy two-way zipper for diaper changes. And, don't worry, if pink isn't your color like moi, it comes in other colors (including a gorgeous turquoise). Wink. 

P.S. Sizes are 3-6 months and 6-12 months. 

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