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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

How I Wore My...Snow Boots?!

Today's post is not normal at all. As most of you know by now, I live in the south. It. Never. Snows. We whine and cry and sob about how we never get any...and most of the time it's only yucky ice...and then. It came down hard today - and we rejoiced! The thing is, last week little C. missed two days of school for ice and now (at least) two days this week for snow. Mama's going loco! :) And while I do terribly miss my heels (sigh...spring, where ARE you?), I'm so incredibly glad I have my Sorels to get me through this crazy southern cold spell. 

We've got our first family ski trip planned in another month, and these babies are def going with me to the slopes. Granted, I won't make it but half a day in the frigid temps out there, but hey, maybe I'll look cute! Lately, I've been wearing so much plaid and I think this is a trend that will def carry over into spring. It's hard to tell bundled up in the photos, but this one is uniquely acid-washed by a local friend of mine who makes them...it's pretty cool! (Follow L. on instagram.)

Of course, during the winter, just add faux fur to anything. I bought this one in New York at a Piperlime pop-up shop years ago (can you believe they're shuttering, by the way?) and practically gave up on it forever. Don't you love when you rediscover something? And I don't know if printed jeans are still a thing, but I still wear mine 'til death do us part.

Happy rest of the week to you...and once this snow melts I've got a really fun spring project I'm working on with Porch.com. Stay tuned, sunshines! xoxo

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