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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Whiny Wednesday: Test Driving Our New Fiat

Wow. What a perfect week to try out the Fiat 500 in the warm sunshine. Spring. Is. Here. It's been just beautiful and lucky for us Peg Perego sent us this car to test drive juuuuust in time. Warm weather and convertibles? We heart you. 
Both kiddos have already taken to this cutie of a car in their own way. The car is meant for baby L, but since she's only one, she'll have to wait a bit as the car is for ages two to six years and, err, she can't touch the pedals. Next year? Move over, little C, she'll be running you off the sidewalk. For now, she loves to sit in it and honk the horn and "pretend" drive. Such a thrill. 

As for little C, he already had a Jeep his grandparents gave him, so it's always been special to him. But he's been enjoying this new ride for something different and I think he really likes how there's only room for him, ha. Might I add he looks pretty freaking cute driving around the block in his sweater vest from school? The girls in the neighborhood were def eyeing his ride the other day. 

Key features? There is a lock on the accelerator to keep it at 2 mph (instead of the faster 4) until the kid is ready. Umm  C was begging me for it the first day. I can literally go for a jog next to him as he drives...which is kinda nice. 

It has a 12-volt rechargeable battery...reverses easily... and I found it drives really well even on grass and bumps. 
The best part? It's just the cutest little car ever. If you're looking to get your little one a car to drive around the neighborhood, for $250, this car is great for boy or girl and one of our favorites on the market. Squeal!!

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