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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

How I Wore My Heels: Luxe Living

So I'm on my last week of this to-die-for vintage Chanel from Bag, Borrow or Steal and I have to say I'm kinda getting used to it. It really feels like my regular bag...hair flip. Honestly, a $3,000 bag really doesn't fit my lifestyle because like I said before I'd be terrified every day of Popsicle or paint spills all over it. But it's been really fun renting it for fun events, and I must admit I've also carried it to doctor's appointments and grocery store runs. No shame. The Chanel is like another precious baby. (But it is funny that my mom would email me while at an event and say, please don't forget the Chanel! It totally makes her nervous.)

Lately I've been living in this AprilMarin poncho, too, while hopping around town out and about. I've found it's really an easy piece to throw on and go, which is exactly what I need these days. There's also something about it that looks so luxe and expensive, even if it's completely affordable at $79! I adore the coral hue, and it's perfect to layer over a cami in this weather right now because it's just the right amount of layer. (Note: pretty soon around here it will be scorching and this will not fly!) With a poncho, you pretty much have to pair with skinny jeans, and while I love these printed ones to pieces, I'm hoping I can find the perfect white pair (I shudder to think I don't have a pair already in my closet!). Coral and white are just beautiful together, yes?

And take note that these are my go-to wedges as of late - even my doctor commented on them, hello. They were a pair I won from the French Connection shopping spree and they're so, so comfy and such, chic, chic goodness. I love the tribal look that makes them not just any other pair of black wedges. They're so good. 

P.S. The necklace is from my first-ever Rocksbox. I'm so excited about this "rent your jewelry" thing. You can buy or swap, too, and it's just the coolest. In my first box, I received this House of Harlow 1960 that fits my style perfectly. I'd actually been eyeing it forever! When you sign up for Rocksbox, you take a short quiz and it matches your jewelry box to you (you get three pieces!). If you want to try for yourself, just enter the code "iheartheelsxoxo" and you'll get your first month free! Squeal!!
Disclaimer: Pieces were sent to me in exchange for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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