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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

How I Wore My Heels: Mother's Day

It's getting really close to Mother's Day, and for so many reasons this year will be very special to me. little C. is growing like a weed and I've really enjoyed watching him mature throughout his first year of preschool...it's been a hard year on him and huge adjustment for the both of us having another little person around and no longer just the two of us. I never thought I'd have enough love for two, but here I am now saying yes, yes, I do. baby L has stolen my heart as well and obviously I've enjoyed the girl parts of things. Like dressing alike...blush. I swore I'd never do this sort of thing, but Lilly for Target came...I saw the dresses...and I couldn't resist. Squeal!
Aren't these hot pink things adorable? We're talking total southern loving here. Lilly Pulitzer had me at hello with that seashell skirt I bought at the beach years ago (remember me telling you about that?), and I love the punchy, vivid color on this particular dress pattern. I tried the blue one on too, but nah. Now that I'm practically blonde, I'm totally taking advantage of wearing the pink I could never wear all my life as a redhead. 
And can we talk about these metallic Rockport heels, please? I didn't think I could ever wear a heel below four inches, but these have proved me wrong, sweeties. My dear stylist friend Annabel Tollman first introduced me to this brand, and I thought, well if she loves them, then hello! I miss her terribly as she was such a kind soul. But these heels are so comfy not only because of the lower heel (can I call it a mom heel? it's amazing how much more I can maneuver around in these suckers...imagine!), but because they're engineered with ADIPRENE by adidas sport technology. Pretty sweet, huh? And it's extra sweet considering the huge marks I still have on my feet from the last pair of heels I tried to wear a whole two weeks ago. Heels don't have to hurt, y'all. 

But if I could rock a pair of bow-adorned Mary Janes like baby L , I totally would. Doesn't she pull them off well? 
P.S. An extra-special I love you to my own mama this Mother's Day. Just last year we were ordering pizza and heading to the playground with little C., cousin M and the new baby L. Who would've even thought we'd have such a tough year. Mamas are special, but my mama is beyond. I'm so, so lucky to still have her here with me to celebrate this Mother's Day. Love, you, mom.

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