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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Whiny Wednesday: Family Skiing at Copper Mountain

Ahhhh...take me back to Colorado, please! If I could only convey to you through writing and pictures how beautiful Copper Mountain was last week. If only. I'll certainly try, but you really have to take this trip yourself to see it. Obviously the snowy mountains on spring break are beautiful, but the entire ambiance of Copper was like no other. It's a great (great!) place for skiing for the first time and for families, but it's also an amazing place for teens or older adults. I saw a great mix of people and everyone was completely nice and happy to be there (obviously). 

Our weather was so varied, it was crazy! Since it was the last week in March, we definitely expected it to be to sunnier and warmer skiing. When we first arrived, the first couple of days were like this. So we applied sunscreen and wore our short-sleeve base layers...good to go! What's crazy is the third day there, it snowed all day long and was absolutely beautiful! We skiied in the snow...we tubed in the snow...we walked around in the snow. And it actually made it a tad bit easier for me to ski as a newbie. 

My first day of skiing was brutal! (As I knew it would be.) I didn't take ski school to try to save a little, and my husband insisted he could teach me on the Kokomo "green" run. You guys, I almost ended up riding the ski lift back down to the bottom, ha! I literally had to jump off of it right as it was about to turn back. Too funny. The operator helped me back on one of my skis and assured me I wasn't the first. I think I fell about 12 times that day and was exhausted after I was finished. I took me about 45 minutes...and did you know it's harder getting up after falling than it is actually skiing? True words.

The day it snowed though, I rode the lift again to Kokomo with both my husband and sister-in-law. I was determined to beat it. And as I conquered the lift getting off I literally starting yelling yay!!! People probably thought I was nuts. That day I only fell about five times and was pretty darn proud of myself. I think if I stayed at Copper an entire week, I would be a pretty good skier by the end of the week. No, seriously. I'm certainly not hanging up my heels for skis, but mark my words. It's something I would definitely do again! There's something about it. It's such hard work, but feels so rewarding in the end. 

As for little C, he tried skiing for a few minutes (keep in mind he's only five) and realized it wasn't his thing. The next day, we tried tubing and I took him to the kid's Critterland. He absolutely loved tubing! We did it for an entire hour and he didn't want to stop. He thought he was so big going so fast...and then spinning down the slopes! There were four different runs, but we stuck to only three (the fourth was the fastest). Riding the little conveyor belt up to the top with our tube was pretty fun, too. It's the little things. 

We stayed three nights at Passage Point, which was right in the thick of things in the Center Village. I loved the location because we could walk eat and shop (and rent our equipment!), and then the bus stop was right outside so we could ride to the tubes and to the greens. (We could walk to the blues, but only my husband sister-in-law did those.)

Ours was a two-bedroom/two-bathroom condo with a fireplace and balcony and we just adored it. In fact, little C. wanted to hang out there more than anything. The second night, we enjoyed the hot tubs. And even little C. got to join in because they had one huge one that was the perfect temperature for both adults and kids. He loved that! 

At the end of the day, we would store our skis in our own ski locker downstairs, and that was nice, too. The six floors of our building was very quiet, except for the occasional sound of ski boots trampling down the hallway. The only thing I wish our room had was curtains and a rocking chair, for the mere purpose of me having to rock baby L to sleep. Wanna know my secret? I rocked her in my arms in the dark bathroom! Hey, it worked. Another tip if you stay in this building? It doesn't have air, so if you crack the windows and use a couple of the box fans (on a warmer day), it's perfect! Also, keep in mind check-in isn't until 4 p.m. Next time, we will arrive later in the day and stay an extra night!

All in all, we adored our stay at Passage Point at Copper Mountain and my husband is already planning our trip back for next year. I've created a monster! :) If you're looking to ski for the first time or with your family, these slopes are amazing and great for both. If you go, let me know!


Disclosure: This post was not sponsored by Copper Mountain, and I was not paid for it. Everything you read here is my opinion. Travel accommodations were made for my family to review the facilities and tickets to amenities were provided for the purpose of this review.

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