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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Watch I'm Currently Stalking

Let's get this straight. I'm blogging about a watch today. A watch. I'm not even a watch person. I admit; I'm the kind who relies on her iPhone with a bare wrist most of the time...gasp! But, this Tory Burch watch is something else. It's beyond, am I right? I mean, wouldn't you totally wear this watch every day for the rest of your life? Raising both hands and heels here. 

Apparently this is the Sawyer watch and celeb Jaime King hearts it like I do. She's been wearing it everywhere in L.A. and I have a major case of jealous. So when you're in love with a watch you stalk it. And you immediately check the price and I did just that. I kinda slouched lower in my seat knowing it's $895. But goodness gracious, y'all, it's like a piece of artwork. It's the kinda of piece I'd love to wear forever and then pass down to baby L. It fits like a cuff and really looks like an exotic piece of jewelry. So chic. While I love any Tory watch, this one wins big. There's nothing else like it. I think I'll just buy this watch and conquer the world. 

Who run the world?

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