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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Whiny Wednesday: The Messy Stage

Can I go ahead and tell you that we're in the messy, messy stage of baby L's life. And it drives. me. crazy. I swear this child is way messier than the first, but perhaps I've forgotten? I finally drew the line a few weeks ago and said OK. ENOUGH. I'm getting one of those handy-looking things called a splat mat. And then life changed. 

The OCD in me has gone away because I no longer have to worry about food all over our dining room floor. I was sent the BooginHead Splat Mat ($19.99) to try out, and insert zillions of happy faces here. Yes, I wanted to take a photo of the mat neatly placed under baby L's highchair, but honestly these photos did it way more justice. Not only does it double as a spot to catch the mess, but it's also an amazing picnic blanket or even tablecloth for trips to the park or hanging out in the front yard. Genius. 

We have the chevron (because this girl can't turn a chevron pattern down), and I love that it's BPA- and Phthalate free! After baby L has her fun with the chopped bananas and spills her milk all over the place yelling out "drop!" (like, every meal...cringe), I can nearly sweep up the mat off the floor and whisk the awful mess into the nearby trash. Seriously...life is good with this thing.

Because it's all about containing the mess these days. I know it will be quite awhile before it's completely gone. Le sigh.
[Photos Courtesy BooginHead]

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