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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Cute Workout Clothes for This HOT Weather

It's SO hot. I know it's a given down south, but I just had to reiterate. It's been well over 100 degrees here lately and I've unfortunately found that as a great excuse to not getting moving. Like, in forever. Blush. 

Thank goodness for fitness brands like Crane & Lion that are breathable and moisture wicking. You pretty much have to have light and airy workout clothing right now...and I can't even imagine not. Ugh. 

These are some of my favs from the Crane & Lion summer collection with this sports bra in the most gorgeous blue/black colorblock being my absolute fav. It's $55 and a workout staple. And if I had the abs, I'd wear it alone. But, no. 

I also love this black active dress because it's something you can actually wear all day and look super cute! It's $90 and it also comes in that beautiful blue a la the sports bra. Swoon. 

The bra tank is $65 and has a cell phone back pocket (like the sports bra). I personally can't survive a workout without a built-in bra. They're magical. 

I guess it's time I stop writing about beautiful workout clothes and start getting some use out of them, eh? Pilates, I'm making a date with you soon. Xoxo 

[Photos Courtesy Crane & Lion]

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