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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Perfect Wavy Hair in Seconds

Happy Tuesday, sweet things! To continue from yesterday, I wanna mention the latest sea spray I've been using to achieve the results here. Sun Bum Beach Formula Beach Spray is $15 well worth it, wavy-hair girlies.

I just had to spread the word because (a) I use a lot of different sea sprays and (b) when I find something I l-o-v-e (that works!) I like to spread the word to my dear followers because I know I always appreciate the same thing myself.

I've been using this spray sent to me (enriched with sea salt, sea kelp and seaweed) for the past couple of months (it does last awhile). Just spritz a little after a shower...and throughout the day to freshen up! Some things I love and look for in a quality sea spray soulmate? Lightweight...not crunchy...separates strands and really makes/enhances waves. This one is freaking paraben free and I could scream from the rooftop how amazing that is. A product I love that my hair loves. And, hello, made in the USA.

Can we all just have an endless summer filled with amazing beach waves? Please and thank you, Sun Bum.

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