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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Whiny Wednesday: My Tea Adventurers


Say I Love You! -- little L

Learn To Read! -- little C
In honor of going back to school next month (what?! already? little C kindergarten? Nuh-uh.) I gathered my two "Tea Adventurers" to share their hopes and dreams for this year. Not exactly Earth-shattering or the utmost little adventurers out there (ha!), but I sure do love these little sweet things - and their fall outfits. (Ahem, thanks, Tea!)
Little L's already used to modeling for the blog that it's hilarious (although she's SUPER hard to catch these days!). We adore her new Catamarca baby leggings (easy! comfy! chic!) and the Puella Embroidered Tunic is the most gorgeous teal. I just love pretty outfits she can actually play in! And I just know she's going to say "I love you" before we know it. Right?! (Bye-bye is the cutest right now.)

And little C is just adorable in his Garaje Baseball Tee and Road Trip Canvas Pants (these pants are pull-on and are super easy for him to put on unaided! He's already been wearing these to church like crazy.)

I'm excited to pieces for little C to start kindergarten because I just know he's going to love it. He loves to learn. He's already great at reading, actually, but I think he's really going to soar ahead this year. And enjoy it. Gotta love a kid who loves the library. 

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...and that's all for now!

P.S. Yes, she's walking!! She started at 16 months and I'm thrilled. No, really! I'm so proud. Since she is walking (and doing downward dog), I felt the need to finally switch her to little L from baby L. But really, isn't that adorable?!

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