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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Whiny Wednesday: Safe Sleep From the Start

We're obsessed with HALO sleepsacks for little L. She's been sleeping in one of their swaddles/sleepsacks since day one! (These swaddles are now used in over 1,400 hospitals nationwide!) It's the best way for her to sleep safely and stay all snug and cozy in her crib. Did I mention she's sleeping through the night now?? Clap, clap.  

This week HALO is promoting Safe Sleep from the Start and has an amazing giveaway on Facebook. You could win a HALO Bassinest (these are a pretty new item and I so wish they had them last year when I had little L!) and a Sleepsack Swaddle. Enter now through Sunday by uploading a photo on the HALO Facebook of your precious baby in his or her HALO SleepSack or Swaddle.

And here are some safe sleep tips:

*Place baby to sleep on his or her back at naptime and at night time.
*Remove all soft bedding and toys from your baby’s sleep area (this includes loose blankets, bumpers, pillows and positioners). The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests using a wearable blanket instead of loose blankets to keep your baby warm.
*Offer a pacifier when putting baby to sleep. If breastfeeding, introduce pacifier after one month or after breastfeeding has been established.
*Breastfeed, if possible, but when finished, put your baby back to sleep in his or her separate safe sleep area alongside your bed.
*Put your baby to sleep on any soft surface (adult beds, sofas, chairs, water beds, quilts, sheep skins etc.).
*Dress your baby too warmly for sleep; keep room temperature 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit.
*Allow anyone to smoke around your baby or take your baby into a room or car where someone has recently smoked.

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