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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Whiny Wednesday: Truck Time

It's Whiny Wednesday, y'all, and today we're talking dirt diggers (and dump trunks!). Honestly, who can resist?! They've been a part of my life for more than five years now and it seems they're not going away. Dirt diggers are basically little C's perfect peeptoes. He loves. 

We were lucky enough last week to receive two fun products from Little Tikes - the Monster Dirt Digger and the 2-in-1 Haulers Truck, both from the new Dirt Diggers collection. The age is 3+, but let me tell you. little C hasn't stopped playing with these since they arrived. A boy never tires of his dirt diggers!
He is so creative in that it's been too hot here to play outside (as in 108 heat index...whoa!), so he's been my little helper and filing up his trucks with "fake trash" and cleaning the house for me. Adorable. 

He really loves the dirt digger because the crane clicks (and I always say not during little L's naptime and he sighs...) and he just loves pushing it all around. He also uses it to fill with fridge magnets while he's spelling words on the fridge. Love it. I can't wait for it to cool and off and we can dig in the dirt this fall to our hearts' content. 

Bonus points: they're orange, his fav color! 

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