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Monday, August 31, 2015

Trend to Try: Teardrop Earrings

You know I had a moment a few months ago. A fashion freak-out moment, if you will. My mom and I were discussing earrings and I told her point-blank I hadn't worn a pair in years. In years???(she gasped in her mom tone of voice.)

I asked her what was the big deal. I have really long hair now that takes over my whole frame and over the past five years have gone through two babies - who love baubles. Soooo...

Your holes have probably grown back together!! she warned me. I kinda panicked. Then I forgot to try said holes for several days until when I did...drumroll please...they were still there. WHEW. 

So now that I know I can physically wear earrings...and my babies are growing...I'm really digging these from Amelia Rose Design. Teardrop earrings are so on trend (like yesterday) and I still haven't scooped up a pair. These look just like a more expensive brand (ahem) but are way more affordable at $69. And the different jewel tone selections are gorgeous! I have no idea what I'd choose. 

My birthday is approaching this month. Buy these for moi? I'll be your blogger best friend...

[photos courtesy Amelia Rose Design]

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