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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Whiny Wednesday: Organic Sleeping

What. A. Cutie. This little guy needs his sleep and his pillows play a huge part in it. Remember when I reviewed my new Naturepedic organic pillow? Well, let's just say that began a whole new "want list" in the pillow department, and little C wanted his own new pillow. Le sigh. Spoiled much?

Since we spend so much of our lives sleeping (or not sleeping...however a parent wants to look at it!), I know a pillow without chemicals is priority on my list. And especially for kids. I mean, do you really want your child breathing in toxics all night? Probably not. 

little C was really lucky and sent the Organic Cotton/PLA pillow to test. It's made with 300-thread count organic cotton fabric and filled with 100-percent potato starch plant-based PLA batting. The pillow is the perfect amount of fluff...not too flat/not too fluffy. (They have a toddler size option, too.)

Whether you're on the chemical-free bandwagon or not, an organic pillow like this is a no-brainer. It's $50 worth your peace of mind. 

Now, if little C could just stay put in his own bed...at least he no longer takes my pillow!

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