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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

How I Wore My Heels: Back to Work!

Sooooo....here it is...my big announcement! Sorry it's taken so long to get it out here, but working mamas are b-u-s-y. What? Yep, I said it. I've joined the force of working mamas everywhere and I'm proud to say that I now get to jump back into something I love - writing and fashion. Of course, I'll continue this blog, but I will say that life is extra busy and I'm currently making that work-life balance work. (If anyone knows how to *really* accomplish this, ring me up, please.)

The pros, of course, are now I have extra income and can have some me time. No longer am I trying to make everyone's lunch at the same time while someone is tugging on my leg and I can barely get a bite in and someone else is asking me a million questions (oh, wait. that's dinner now!). I get to quietly go to the restroom at any moment...take a break for a quick coffee run or snack...and...wear heels every, single day. Yes, I'm that mom.
This also means that while little C. is in kindergarten now, little L. is also in daycare. It's been a transition over the last month or two, and I expected that. Life isn't easy, right? But I think little L. is really getting into the groove of things quickly and she's loving being able to play all day with friends. She still cries at drop-off (and I kinda do, too), but it's getting easier every day. When life throws you curveballs, you just have to catch them and keep going. The cons of working now are pretty obvious. I no longer get to spend all day with little L. or even half a day with little C. But they are learning that their mama is working for them and is doing something she loves and some day they'll do the same. Sometimes I actually wonder what life would've been like if I worked while little C. was a baby, ya know?
I actually love to dress up more than wear yoga pants, which is what I did a lot of when I stayed at home (shhhh...). So I'm loving that every day is a runway now, and I can wear things like this black peplum alice + olivia dress with fun heels every day (these are Ivanka Trump and amazingly comfortable!. Nude heels are a closet MUST. And who can forget a solid handbag - fall is pretty much the season for that. Botkier just sent me the Leroy satchel (which also has a super-cute studded strap you can wear) - and I love the embossed floral look on the charcoal. The nude colorblock allows you to wear this bag with black or nude, so I love the versatility. 
I'm thankful to have experienced both sides of the mom world now - both stay-at-home and working. And I commend all moms out there doing your thing. YOU ARE AMAZING. Either way, we are working hard at what we do, and you are great...you are phenomenal...you are smart...you are successful...you are beautiful. Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. Whether in your yoga pants in carpool or running in your stilettos out the front door, let's do this work week, y'all!

Thanks for always reading and your continued support of this blog! xoxo

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