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Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Backpack You Want Now

Holy mother of all backpacks. This Loeffler Randall backpack is cooler than yours. (But isn't anything Loeffler Randall...) What? You don't own a backpack? You need. Trust me. 

I started carrying a backpack about a year ago last fall and I've never looked back. No pun intended. It was life changing, friends. This "trend" is one of the most practical I've seen. Yes, you can make it fugly just like anything (we're not talking tote your Jansport around here). But with this mini backpack, you're sure to be able to both look chic and have a spot to carry things without having the burden of straps weighing you down or having to set your purse down. 
And isn't the color of this one just amazing? Jessica Alba recently wore this one to the playground with her kids. It's great for that or galavanting off to work or to run errands. The size of this particular pack is perfect

P.S. Backpack tip: just make sure you close the bag. Since it's on your back, it's much harder to realize a zipper is undone. Me in NYC circa Sept 2014. Blush. Not good. 

Oh and...NY Fashion Week is here...squeal!!!! It kinda snuck up on me this season with the new job, but never fear. I Heart Heels has someone on the scene covering shows and I can't wait to bring you details on the upcoming spring trends. Keep watching and lotsa air kisses...xoxo 

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