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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Whiny Wednesday: Moving on Up

Oh, my little C. He's getting so big...and fancy. Just look at the Olli backless booster seat that Clek sent us to try out. Squeal!! 

We have a third row in our SUV and since little C discovered this on spring break vacay this year, he's been in love. It's a special treat to ride back there in his (man cave?) away from his baby sister. The seat is designed for at least four years of age and 40 pounds/40" and he definitely fits that bill. 

I installed the Olli in literally just a couple of minutes. (It also comes with a "drink thingy" that just snaps right on the side as well as a strap so you can travel with it from car to car!) We don't have the LATCH system, but it works either way. This booster just clicked right into the seat crack and voila! 

You can't even imagine how happy I was. I was expecting to be reading the manual for days. Nope. Busy mamas ain't got time for that, so thank you Clek. 

Now little C is coooooool. Or whatever kindergarteners say these days. 

P.S. He doesn't look happy in the photo not because he doesn't like his new seat, but because he hates taking blog photos. Bwahahaha. 

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