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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Whiny Wednesday: On the Run

Tiny shoes get one thousand SQUEALS. Y'all! New Balance sent little L these new sneaks for her to start daycare. Total swoon. 

Of course I wanted her to wear the super-cute pair of ballet flats I had bought her, but ultimately she decided these were her cup of tea. Probably mostly because girl is on the move these days. She runs everywhere and she is a climber with a capital C. Like whoa. She was a late walker and now she's literally running. 

These are the newly-launched Vazee Rush and they're really great for this on-the-go age of exploring. My mom love grows deep for these because they are so, so easy to slide on (no forcing at all) and have a Velcro closure. 

And don't they look so incredibly chic with floral? Wink. 

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