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Friday, October 16, 2015

Shoe of the Moment

It's Friday...um YAY?! Now that I'm working full time, I honestly appreciate a great heel even more than ever. I truly live in them. And when I say that, I mean sometimes I bathe my kids while still wearing them. (Although while I've put them to bed wearing my LBD many times over the past couple of months, I will say I've never actually put them to bed in heels...whew.)

Of course there are always those shoe brands I stay tried and true to - the Weitzmans...the Choos...the Nine Wests. Hey, I'm versatile. So it makes me squeal just a tad when I find an unknown I haven't tried. Introducing the Elsa by the brand Alysia. Be still my beating heart because she's a beauty. A knockout, really. 

At $238 these look similar to other designer shoes that retail for way more. What a shoe with a wow factor - and the black and brown contrast is amazing. Want it. Love it. Gotta have it. 

And I'd totally bath my kids while wearing these. 

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