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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Whiny Wednesday: my mini moi

Omigosh, y'all. I've literally got a mini moi on my hands. And I can't stop it! Every day is a fun day with this sweet little dress-up doll of mine. little L isn't 2 until February, but she's already got a fashion mind of her own. 

For instance. We received her new PJs from Naaya by Moonlight a couple of weeks ago to kindly try out for this review. We looooove the soft, organic fabric and the sweet pink elephant pattern. Squeal! But little L insisted upon wearing her faux-fur vest around the house with her new PJs and I'm still just dying over it. Shall I say it? Amaze.

Naaya by Moonlight is this amazing luxury baby and children's collection for those of us who crave natural and stylish at once. Honestly, it's the only way we sleep around here. 
We spend a lot of time sleeping and in our PJs in life (well, we do anyway!), so I've always had the motto that nice PJs are an essential for the kiddos. Naaya by Moonlight sizes go all the way up to 5T. 

These particular PJs are so new they're not on the site for a couple more weeks, so keeping checking back. There's a current pink elephant out there right now that's equally cute, and some major-sweet baby bedding. Check it out!

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