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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Give Thanks for a Clean House

Molly Maid to the rescue! It's that time of year. When things get crazy (er). We all love to have parties and company and fun things at home. But I can't think of anyone who loves to clean for it all...seriously. If ever there is a time to have Molly Maid save your house from being a complete mess, it's now. 

The next couple of months are a time when you should be focusing on family and friends - not dust. Everything is so busy you shouldn't spend all of your time and energy on cleaning your house. You've got meals to cook, people to entertain and friends to air kiss! 
So I recently had Molly Maid clean my house (as I do at least a few times every year), and they didn't disappoint. Besides being the most thorough cleaners I've ever seen (yeah, they put me to shame), they're the nicest team I've ever dealt with, and that's important, too. I love working with this team of people who really care about getting everything clean and to satisfaction. They always have someone come and inspect things after they're finished, which says something. 
What else is cool is you can sort of customize your cleaning by telling them what's important. And you can even leave them a note with specific instructions - and your own cleaning products if you prefer something (I always use Honest in the bathrooms and kitchen!). 
With all of that being said, you can go to MollyMaid.com right now and request an estimate for a cleaning right away. It's super easy and they can usually schedule you really soon! And when you're done, you can focus on preparing your huge turkey meal on the cleanest dining room table around. 

I am SO thankful for Molly Maid and the time they spend on my house!


Disclaimer: Molly Maid provided this service in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own, and I continue to recommend Molly Maid because I love.

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