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Monday, November 30, 2015

It's Cyber Monday, Say Yeah

I caved. I became alone in my bedroom late one night...err, Black Friday night, and I shopped. Shhhhhh....

Problem? I have this silly ol' app installed on my phone and it's called Zara. Does anyone else have the app and can't find it in their soul to press delete even though thou knowest it is a very, very dangerous thing? With just a few taps, you're cart is instantly loaded with goodness. Too. Easy. 

I had my cart loaded with Zara Kids until I read the magic "free shipping" words at checkout and back arrow went CLICK. 

I went jumpsuit crazy. Actually I was trying to decide which one. Oh, you like the bottom one? I got the top. Now I just hope I'm sassy enough to wear it like this model. Wish me luck!

And happy Cyber Monday! I'm broke! Xoxo
[photos via Zara]

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