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Monday, November 9, 2015

THE Leather Pants of the Season

Every now and then I get stuck in a fashion rut. I have to tell myself to snap out of it! Life's too short for boring clothes. I love putting my right-brained mind to good use and creating outfits like art. 

Sienna Miller is one of my all-time style crushes, so when I saw her step out recently in this cute combo from JOSEPH, I knew this would be my next creation. Look at these leather pants, oh my!

Sienna wore the Merinos and Stripe Crepe de Chine Sweater above & the LouLou Leather Pant, both by JOSEPH. 

The elastic waistband on these pants makes the silhouette so chic, and if you tuck in the undershirt part, since it has a slit, you can see the elastic part of the pants. Loves it. 

Only problem is the pants are $1145 (top is $350), so this might be merely an inspiration post for moi. I'll be daydreaming of these pants all season. 

[photos courtesy bpcm]

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