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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Whiny Wednesday: Hanna Jams

I get it. It's not even Thanksgiving yet. Don't harp on me because I'm well aware I'm one of those right now. I let them open the fresh new box sent to us from Hanna Andersson of this year's "Hanna Jams." I'm a good mom. 

The more I think about delaying Christmas the more I don't wanna follow that rule anymore. If it's November and these PJs make both of my kids literally squeal with joy. LET'S DO IT. Other than my search for a pair of the most perfect bow-adorned peeptoes, my sole purpose in life is to make my kids smile and be happy. Really! It's all I care about!

We've pretty much made these Hanna Andersson PJs a thing around our house. And since little L was born, we've succumbed to the matching ones each Christmas season. They absolutely love being able to match and it's just the sweetest thing to see. 

So what - it's not Thanksgiving. If you saw how happy these Hanna Jams made my littles, you'd say ok, go ahead and wear them now, too. Trust me. 

Thank you Hanna Andersson for helping us carry on this sweet tradition. Xoxo

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