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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Whiny Wednesday: My Little Characters

Another Halloween has come and gone. I've decided next year that since we get about one trillion trick-or-treaters, I'll pass out shoe-shaped cookies and stick my blog business card in with them. Either that, or I'll just turn the lights out and we'll go do something else fun. But, really. Halloween in our neighborhood is exhausting! It's worth it to see how much fun the kids have. little C. actually gets a bigger kick out of handing out the (15 bags of) candy than he does going house to house getting candy. 
little L. was a Cabbage Patch Kid (and little C. will correct me if I try to say doll because it's kid), and I bought her onesie and red wig off of etsy (are you dying? I know, right?). She actually kept her "hat" on most of the time after me insisting to her she was "pretty" and gawking at everyone else in the neighborhood dressed up (as she wondered, what in the what is going on, mom? guess I'll keep this hat on...). 

little C. loved being Jake the Pirate because he's really into ships and pirates and, well, ships and pirates right now. What can I say? He's so easy when it comes to a costume each year because there is usually one thing he's nutzo over. He looked adorable. (Note to self that next year I can leave off the accessories as I pretty much carried his sword the entire time.)

Hope you all had a glorious Halloween (if that's a thing?), and I'll be back tomorrow to talk all things fashion and Joe Zee. Air kisses...xoxo 

P.S. How cute are they riding in little C's Jeep? This was right before they had a Beyonce dance party. They are finally getting to the ages where they play together (a little). Insert HUGE sigh of relief. 


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