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Monday, December 28, 2015

For the Men: Ralph Lauren Fragrances Polo Supreme Oud

Like 'em rugged and masculine? The scent, sillies. If ever there is a brand I look for in men's cologne that never (ever) disappoints, it's Ralph Lauren. It's one of those don't-think-twice-about-it purchases. Like, do I buy the shoes? Duh, ya do. Everything that Ralph Lauren stands for - classic, rich, luxurious, supreme, and in this case masculine - is embodied in each of their scents. Polo Supreme Oud is certainly no different.

While holiday gift giving may be over, it's now time to look for yourselves - and the men in your life. How will you start the new year? So fresh and so clean with a new scent, is what I suggest. 

Oud is not only a gorgeous bottle of luxury, but a hypnotic blend of precious spices, smoky oud and rich woods. It's a great contender for a new signature scent. 

The ingredients are:

TOP NOTES: Cinnamon, Pink Pepper
MID NOTES: Smoky Indian Oud Accord
BASE NOTES: Guaiac Wood, Vetiver

If you want your man to be mesmerizing this winter, this is the scent, for sure. Oooh. La. La. 

Get it for $125 at Bloomingdales, select Ralph Lauren boutiques, and RalphLauren.com.

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